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“Red Haired Man” (Saint Rowan of Lorrha)

One of the 12 Apostles of Ireland, Saint Rowan of Lorrha was a great monastic founder…this is his story.

A Red-haired boy becomes a red-haired man
Finnian cut your hair when you left your clan
You said yes and took up scissors of death
He gave you life and you died till your last breath

The king went to the church to kidnap
The Saint warned the king about a mishap
His end would come from a large tree
He thought he solved the problem when he threw it in the sea

Brendan left Lorrha and you consoled her
From nothing you built a holy city there
There had been a wild boar living in a tree
He heeded your voice and agreed to flee

The king visited Banbán and the story came true
Áed Dub without aid him drubbed and overthrew
The large tree fell sounding the death knell
And Rowan prayed for memory eternal

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