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“British Born Skeptic” (Saint Patrick of Armagh)

Before Saint Patrick became the Enlightener of the Irish, he was a British born skeptic…this is his story.

British born skeptic captured by pirates
Six years a shepherd you became a lamb
Led by the Spirit, you escaped home
Had a vision and back to Ireland did roam

To become the father of an orphaned land
Where in chains you’d spent your youth ignorant of the plan
In Britain to study and learn the way
In Ireland to serve, to teach, to pray

Druids prophesied your arrival
Still you had to fight for survival
You brought peace and were put in chains
A complete foreigner until you became

The father of an orphaned land
Unearthed another world hard to understand
Used nature to raise the mind to higher things
Shamrocks, the Trinity, holy springs

Royal Tara prepared to bow before the sun
Your light shone on them before they’d begun
To bow down before creation
When they raised their minds they became a nation

Of churches, monasteries, wisdom, delight
Wakening sleeping children from the night
The good-hearted Irish heard your voice
Raised their minds and voices, and rejoiced

Rejoiced, rejoiced, rejoiced, rejoiced

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