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“At the End of Finnian’s Walk”

St. Columba of Terryglass was one of the closest disciples of St. Finnian of Clonard. He founded a monastery on “Holy Island” (Inis Cealtra), and was asked by St. Finnian (on his deathbed) to administer his last rites.

Psalms and hymns
From old Colman Cule
You received your first rule
After Finnian’s school, to Rome you were lured
And returned with the staff of Martin of Tours
By an angel, to Holy Island you were called
To clothe athletes in the angelic garb
When your brother on the mainland passed away
You raised him back up to fight another day
Arms raised to the sky
A tree outstretched aching for light
Birds rest in your embrace
Never to rest till you rest in His face
At the end of dear Finnian’s walk
He bid you come for one last talk
And of all his holy friends from your hands, he last received
The holy gifts and received release

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