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“Heart before Descartes” (Saint Anthony the Great)

St. Anthony the Great (AKA: Anthony of Egypt, Anthony of the Desert, and Anthony the Anchorite) is regarded as the father of Christian monasticism, and his life had a huge influence from one end of the Christian world to the other.
As a wealthy young man, St. Anthony gave his wealth to the poor and fled to the desert to seek more perfect union with God. People seeking God were drawn to him, and he spent his life helping his Christian brethren as well as fleeing further into the desert, seeking closer union with God.

Did your ears burn at those words?/Did a voice whisper, “Absurd!”
Did your mind comprehend/And ask if you’d last till the end?
Traded money and lands/Family, dreams, and plans
For a desert exile/And a life of trial
What calculus went through your head?/The thought that one day you’d be dead?
What spark was in your heart,/Did you put your heart before Descartes?
Attacked by the enemy in mind/Repelling him you did find
His hideout and moved in/That’s when the din set in
All hell broke loose/You released a cold sluice
In becoming a man/A new creation began
When the general visited you said,/“Where were you…I was beaten nearly dead”
“I wanted to see what was in your heart,”/“And it’s only seen in how you fought.”
And you attracted a crew/Souls wanting to renew
And you sought a new start/Deeper desert and heart
So you had the thought/So many battles have I fought
How can one be saved?/So distracted and enslaved?
To the cobbler you were sent/To learn a secret you hadn’t learned yet
The safest way to go/Is to live life low
The safest way to go/Is to live life low

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